Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dear Cornerstone University Senior,

Today marks a month out from graduation: those of you counting down can probably tell me the number of hours. It is an exciting time! (And scary, don’t forget scary.)
We are going from “college kid” to “adult.” Some of us will maintain the name of “student,” others will drop that role as well. We will be done with this set of stresses, and, oh, how beautiful that sounds.  
As buried as we are under homework, it is easy to rush to the next thing, hope for the one relief of no-homework, and look forward to whatever it is that is coming next (if you even know what that will be!).
But, I have a challenge for you. Slow down. Live today. If you don’t look, you might miss the beauty and joy of transition.
Yes, the beauty and joy of transition.
This change is good, and necessary. If we were to stay here too much longer, we would be out of place; already I feel my wings preparing to fly. But before we do, it’s important to take a look around.  This change is a chance to recognize our growth.  It is a chance to internalize those things we want to carry with us, and filter through what habits we might not want to continue. And, hardest of all, it is a time to grieve. Leaving Cornerstone includes loss.
Transition is beautiful, but it’s not easy. Why else would we continually rush to the next thing?
This is our last month on campus.
How has school been hard? Is there an attitude you’ve carried you need to confess or something we’ve done wrong that we want to make right?
What are the things of Cornerstone life you love?
What friends have you made here that you will (or already) miss?
What professors have influenced you?
Where are your favorite spots on campus?
Who have you become because of Cornerstone?
Where has God met you here?
            This is the beautiful part about saying goodbye, recognizing what we’ve had. For some of us, this will hurt a lot as good bye is not easy to say, for others, we may not cry at all. I cry during change, it’s part of who I am. I have friends who are ready to move forward.  But if we rush onto the next step, we miss the chance to further internalize and recognize the life and growth at Cornerstone University.
            I probably won’t see you at CU next year, but I hope we both go out with the memory of our lives here. As we look to the excitement of what comes next, let’s thank God for what has been.  

Goodbye Cornerstone, it's been good, it's been hard, you've been home.