Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Speck on a Speck

      Who are you, human, a speck on a speck, to speak to the God of the universe with anger, to demand that He work? Who are you? Have you made a star? Have you formed the human heart? No, you are nothing. You, human, were formed yourself, you were set in place. Who are you to question?         

     Who are you, human, to determine your worth? Does not your Maker know your value, does not He know if you should last forever, if you are nothing… or so valuable they call you priceless?        Who are you, human, to proclaim your purpose, or proclaim you have none? Do you know you are being prepared for something greater? Does not the Maker know the use of His tools? Do you not realize, you have been born into eternity?    
     Who are you, human, to say your skills fall short, that others are better than yourself? Does not the Maker know how to form His tools, does He not shape and mold His treasures?      
      Who are you, human, to claim you know what it is to suffer, to cry out in mourning? Have you been separated from your very self?Where are the nails in your hands? The wholes in your feet?I see you have no lashes on your back.      
     Who are you, human, one amongst many, that you say you are alone, claim you have no hand to hold? Do you not know the God of the Universe? Has He never touched you heart? Who are you to doubt His promises?     
      Who are you human, speck on a speck, that you hide yourself from God, that you run from Him who knows all things? Who are you to demand from the God of the Universe, when all you need do is ask?